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What is e-bent?

e-bent is an online forum for sharing recumbent touring experiences and adventures. Our emphasis is on rediscovering the simple joy of riding that brought us to recumbent cycling originally. We share our experiences so that other riders can experience the joy we have found or learn from our mistakes and have an ever better ride.

What e-bent is not?

On e-bent you won't find long detailed articles. You will find capsule descriptions that capture the essence of the experience, links to more detailed information, and links to riders who have been there. Our goal is to help you pick the right ride for you and help you find the more detailed information you need. Tips and Gear can be a good places to start. Contact Roland if you want more information on Tours.

How do I get started?

Click on Tours and select a tour that looks interesting? Then go ride it. Please come back and use Contact to tell us how to make the tour description better.

If you already have a tour, please share it with us. To add your tour just hit Contact and fill-in the form that pops up. Don't worry about spelling and writing style, the editor will take care of that. Just share a little biking fun with other riders.

.... have a great ride.

e-Bent Recumbent Touring - Looking from the old City in Dubrovnik, Croatia
e-Bent Recumbent Touring - Resturant Mate - Korcula, Croatia